Tommy Johnson for Austin County Judge

Are you like me, tired of broken promises from politicians? Are your roads in dire need of repair? Isn't it about time to bring new industry to our county, and new jobs? Have you noticed that our government spends more money every year, but serves us less? Have you stopped voting because you feel there is no hope? If you said yes to any or all of these questions, I am your candidate! I have lived in Austin County nearly my entire life, and have first hand experience with many of the issues we are faced with. I lost my wife of 16 years to cancer back in 2005, but I stayed by her side during the fight, and raised our 3 daughters by myself. I will stand by your side and fight for you too. I have always been committed to helping people, and feel that my knowledge and experience, would be beneficial to the citizens and businesses, of Austin County. 8 years in Emergency Medical Services, 3 years in the Office of Emergency Management, 16 years in business ownership and management, over 10 years in broadcasting, an extensive knowledge in communications and computers, even some experience in road construction. I am not a politician, I listen to people, a handshake means something to me, and when I say I will do something, you can take it to the bank. I am an old school Republican, very conservative, pro-constitution, and believe the government should serve the people, not the other way around. I have been active in the Relay For Life of Austin County for 8 years, and with the Habitat for Humanity for 3 years. Austin County has many great people and opportunities, if you give me 4 years as your county judge, I will give you 40 years of improvements and progress. #1 ON THE BALLOT IS THE #1 CHOICE FOR AUSTIN COUNTY!

How will I secure the future of Austin County?

Tommy Johnson

Watch the videos from the FIRST and SECOND candidate forums thanks to Greg Stuessel.

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